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Hi, I'm Holly Manion. I have lived in Rancho Santa Fe (RSF) my whole life. As a matter of fact, I still live on the same street where I grew up. Growing up on The Ranch was amazing. By the age of six I was riding my horse everywhere. Most of my friends had horses. We would ride to town and tie the horses up at the community hitching t. Bill & Emma s , the local diner was one of our regular stops to check out the penny candy rack. On special occasions, our families would enjoy hay rides though town with all the neighbors. There were only 580 residents at the time. We knew everyone. It seemed like kids ruled the town! During high school, I spent my free time at the RSF Tennis Club, playing in every game I could get. Summers were spent teaching tennis and gymnastics for Rancho Youth in the morning, playing volleyball at the beach in the afternoon, and more volleyball at night at the Holcombe Center.

As far as I was concerned it didn t get much better!! After graduating from the University of Colorado, I worked as a packaging engineer in Los Angeles. Although my career path was set and life in LA was action packed, my heart was in Rancho Santa Fe. I returned home in 79 and started selling residential real estate. I was the youngest agent in town and people loved hearing my stories of growing up in this beautiful area. My age didn t matter. People were buying the lifestyle. I had energy and enthusiasm and happily shared my life on The Ranch with anyone that asked. Throughout the years I have been actively involved in this community. I have served as a director on the RSF Association Board, and co-chairman of the RSF Wireless Master plan Committee. I am the Editor of Images of America, Rancho Santa Fe by Vonn Marie May, available at Amazon and at the Rancho Santa Fe Historic Society. I have also enjoyed my long time membership at the RSF Golf Club. I have been incredibly fortunate to have the oprtunity to travel all over the world. My tra

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